Who is OPSA?

The Online Parent Support Association (OPSA) was founded in 2020 (during COVID 19 Lockdown) to provide online support for parents or guardians:

  • Who opt to home school learners on a temporary or full-time basis; or
  • Who wish to add additional support for learners who attend a mainstream school.
  • The OPSA online platform focuses on the grades that fall within compulsory schooling in South Africa, i.e., Grade 1 to Grade 9
    (with content for Grade R as well).
  • OPSA aims to provide affordable CAPS* aligned learning programmes, daily online lesson content and term assessment.
  • Currently all OPSA services are available in English and Afrikaans teaching mediums.

Important to note:

  • OPSA is not a school.
  • An OPSA account gives a learner access to the services offered on the OPSA platform, it does not constitute a registration for home schooling at the DBE.

At OPSA we offer the following services for home schooling:


- Enroll your child for a 12-month access to their preferred grade program and explore our engaging day-to-day curriculum - click the button below for more information.


- Get detailed insights into our learning programmes with a comprehensive document outlining the desired outcomes, and grade-specific curriculum - click the button below for more information.

per term

- Track your learners' progress and assess their readiness for the next grade with OPSA's term-wise Assessment tests and examinations - click the button below for more information.

Coding and 

- Explore the fascinating world of Robotics and Coding designed specifically for students in grades 1-3. Click the button below to learn more about our programs and how to enroll your child.

School readiness

- Discover your child's readiness for school with our comprehensive School Readiness Assessment starting from June 2024 - click the button below for more details.

Typing Course

In today's digital era, proficient typing skills are more important than ever. Whether it's writing an essay, sending emails, or navigating the web, the ability to type quickly and accurately empowers your child to communicate effectively and efficiently.

At OPSA we offer Expert Support for Remote Educational Project Management

At OPSA, we specialise in guiding and supporting remote educational project management. 

Our experienced team provides strategies for effective communication, organization, and managing tasks and deadlines. 

We focus on setting clear goals, maintaining regular team communication, and ensuring everyone works towards unified objectives. Whether you're an experienced project manager or just beginning, OPSA is dedicated to helping you navigate and succeed in your remote educational endeavors.